Out the back.

It’s always irked me that behind closed doors or “out the back” of most businesses (especially in hospitality) are almost always left for dead, dirty and unloved… but not at Deathproof. 

Aside from completely doing my OCD head in, I (Steen Jones) felt it was poor form to skimp on the staffing and storage areas, when the staff are there day-in day-out and expected to treat the place as their own.

This being said, I made a point of carrying original artworks through to the kitchen, into the storage areas, up the stairs and out back of the venue, converting of the once grimy, dark and smelly areas into clean, positive and art-filled spaces for the staff to enjoy. 

Half of these you can’t and won’t ever see (which I think is cool in its own way) however our new addition, you CAN find out the back… with our bins.

Photography: Jeremy Lewis