A blank surface at Deathproof is never left blank for long and our entire entry had been left blank.

We invited our friend Danel Matos to stop by to leave his beautiful work and mark on the face of the venue.

Instilling only one condition, the use of the word, “Unstoppable” the rest was left entirely up to him.

As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, Danel’s work is quite different to everything in the venue thus far - and probably to anything you’ve seen here in Australia for that matter.

Danel’s background and work is heavily influenced by his Brazilian and South American roots and graffiti culture. I’ve been in to this particular style and Danel’s work since I first saw them so it was a real privilege and damn cool to bring some of his epic style to Deathproof.

Photography: Kurtogram.

For more of Danel’s work, find him under @ilovetattooing on Instagram.