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When is a bar more than just a bar?

From the moment you step onto the curb outside Deathproof, you know you’re about to experience something special. Hand-painted from the front door all the way through to the kitchen, storeroom and the back alley outside, bold, traditional tattoo inspired artwork adorns every paintable surface. That’s what you get when world-renowned artist Steen Jones has full creative control in fulfilling a lifelong dream and latest venture with good friend and influential personal trainer, Anthony Calligeros. Deathproof is an unrivalled bar and cafe that’s pushing boundaries - within the hospitality industry and beyond - and was founded on passion, authenticity and a whole lotta love.

Ordering a drink or meal at the bar feels like standing inside a kaleidoscope, where a canopy of colour, neon and paint engulfs the senses and refracts light from every angle. Deathproof provides a unique experience and we know that there’s nothing else like it because each and every detail - from the resin-set floor mural to the skull-covered ceilings - has been thoughtfully considered and built to fit the space, right down to the galaxy of custom-made neon signage. Even the laser-engraved menus were designed and printed in-house by Steen’s creative outpost, Few and Far Studio.

If you’re looking for an outing to remember, Deathproof is the place to find it. With good vibes, great tunes and awesome bites, there’s no better place to spend a long night out or relaxed morning in with friends. Just don’t get too attached to any of the artwork you see on the walls - because next time you visit chances are something fresh will be in its place.  


More than a bar, restaurant or cafe, Deathproof is a living art installation. With Steen’s ever-changing influences, passion for creating and worldview of everything as a canvas, don’t expect it to stay the same for too long. Deathproof has been built around artistry and with adaptability in mind - seeking and encouraging the opportunity for partnerships with different and like minded collaborators.

As an urban artist, Steen has vast experience in transforming run-of-the-mill commercial, public and private spaces into vibrant and enriching communes for all to enjoy. Bringing this wealth of expertise to Deathproof and coupling it with the skills of an innovative and energetic teams means that the bar isn’t just another venue for hosting typical functions, but instead a canvas for which one-of-a-kind experiences can be curated for any client.

As well as supporting unique and tailored activations - including fresh artwork, speciality cocktails or personalised menus for your launch party or private campaign - Deathproof’s multifaceted team can also provide inclusive promotional packages that cover marketing and digital content, branding and design services, online amplification and social influence. If you’re looking to throw a killer party, all things are possible when working with the Deathproof crew.


Deathproof is not just for the night owls. From 6am you can find us serving up strong coffee and delicious breakfast options. Inspired by Anthony’s experience and expertise in the fitness industry, our breakfast menu is wholesome, healthy and moreish. Come noon and the bar menu offers simple, comfort food influenced by traditional American gastro eats and Steen’s extensive travels around the globe - but with a Deathproof twist.

Our creative chefs are constantly coming up with new dishes and are keen to work with collaborators who can bring something exciting to the table. We always want our food to compliment our drinks, our patrons and our changing tastes, so the Deathproof menu is constantly evolving and always delicious.

So when is a bar more than just a bar? When it’s Deathproof.